Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drawer boxes

Nine of the thirteen drawer boxes are assembled.  I did not say they are finished... they are only somewhat more than a third of the way to finished drawers.

nine assembled drawer boxes

Next come the dowells to plug the screw holes and the strips to finish the drawer top edges.  It's quite a lengthy and tedious process.  And then there is prep for and applying finish, also tedious.  Grumpiness may ensue.  That's what happened last time.  Anyone want to invite me over for a few weeks?

There are also four more drawers that are not yet started.  Those drawers are the four big drawers; two will be about 34 inches wide and two will be about 43 inches wide.  Because they are so large, he is making them out of heavier plywood (3/4 inch instead of 1/2 inch).

The bottoms are all made from 1/4 inch plywood but they are all reinforced with stretchers.  You can see the two stretchers on the bottom of the drawer at the center bottom.  The big drawers will have more stretchers.

The box on the table with the three high sides is one of the two pullouts under the sink.  The backs are  shallow and the sides and front are high.  The back is shallow to accommodate the plumbing.

So just how far along are we?  Well, I kept track of the tasks and the time it took to make the drawers for the island.  Assuming that the tasks take the same relative amount of time, the 9 drawers are 37% done.  But there are thirteen drawers altogether, meaning 69% of the drawers are 37% done.... so the drawers are just over 25% done.  And then there are 5 cabinet doors and three cutting boards.

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