Sunday, February 17, 2013

Silk fabric samples for dye experiments

I ordered silk fabric samples from Dharma Trading.  They came today.  I am so excited!  There are 36 silk fabrics, all different weights and types.  The samples cost $6.99 and no shipping charge on samples.

The samples are four inches square, which is big enough for limited dye experiments.  I can see how the dye goes on and how the fabric takes color.  I tried four samples yesterday.  To my surprise, I liked the satin quite a bit.  It took the color well and very easy to apply.

Below, clockwise from the left upper corner we have Crepe Back Silk Satin, Viscose Rayon/Silk Blend, Silk Double Chiffon, Crepe de Chine.  I left the labels on them so I can see what they are.  I used a brush to wet the surface and a Fantastix bullet tip applicator, which worked pretty well.   I put rock salt on all of them and they certainly did not respond to the salt the same way.  However, they may not have been equally damp.

One of the hard things about dye is that the color lightens when it dries so you don't really see what you are getting while you are doing it.  It would be better if I could figure out a way to suspend the samples but that is  difficult with such a small size.

I want to get color results and textures that I can use in small art quilts.  I want the process itself to be not too messy or arduous.  Here is a link that shows and talks about some of the effects I hope to achieve.

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