Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking my glasses off to see

I am quite near sighted... remember the big E?  Well, it is blurry without my glasses.  But sometimes I can see better without my glasses.  In the art making world, people squint to "see" what they are working on.  I just take off my glasses.  Then I fumble around looking for my glasses...

Yesterday as I was pressing my quilt blocks, I mused about a couple of my techniques, which date back to my clothing making days.

First I set the seam  like this (but I don't use any spray starch).  This technique actually makes it easier to open the seam.

After I set the seam, I finger press my seam, which means opening it to one side and running my fingernail along the seam.  Finally I use the iron to flatten it well.

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