Thursday, February 14, 2013

Working on painting silk

I want to learn to paint silk to use in my art quilts.  I've been experimenting with mixing dye colors, application methods, preparing the fabric and using different types of silk.  Finally today I got some interesting results.

Here is a piece of silk taffeta.  I used blue tape to attach the fabric to the box so that it is suspended.  First I sprayed it with some water, then I applied the paint with bits of natural sponge, and immediately spread some rock salt on the wet paint.  I like how the salt affected the color.

 I am using Jaquard dynaflo dye.  I like the rusty orange color, which is mixed from red, golden yellow and a touch of black.

How it looked when the salt was off

This piece of taffeta was prepared the same way except that it is stretched over some padding.

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