Monday, May 20, 2013

Something old, something new

As the final phase of our twenty year kitchen project comes to a conclusion, it makes me think of the advice for brides to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Our kitchen includes lots of new things and several pieces of vintage furniture from the twenties.  So we got old and new covered. I am dropping the borrowed and blue categories and replacing those categories with "local", "ubiquitous" and "unusual".

For local, we plan to use Pratt and Larson tile, which is locally owned and made.  When I go to Pratt and Larson's showroom, I see the tile makers on break in their covered outdoor break area.  I think building with local products used to be more common, but today most things are made outside the US so locally made  products aren't so common.  I like the idea of using something locally made.    Besides, I think the owners of Pratt and Larson are aging hippies like me.  I like that, too.

We are installing the Kohler Whitehaven 36 inch tall apron sink, which is THE ubiquitous trendy sink of today's kitchen remodels.  It's a great sink and deserves its popularity.  Not only is it pretty but it is functional with it's drain tucked in the corner giving extra room under the sink.  It is designed to be easy to install, though it is certainly heavy.  I like the idea of something in our kitchen that marks the time of our remodel.

This is my sink, still in the box, but soon to be installed!

We aren't going to have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal.  I think that covers unusual pretty well.

And I think we will actually wrap up this twenty year project in just eighteen years instead of twenty.  It's good to be early.  I better get busy on that time capsule.  I don't have nearly enough stuff for it yet.

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