Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sometimes I feel unable to use my beautiful fabrics because I don't think I am up to making anything worthy of them.   This is crazy.  I am swimming in fabrics I love.  What am I saving them for?

Today I did a small quick thing with scraps of my fabric I felt I could "afford" to use.  I cut out freehand squares of two of my favorite fabrics.  I fused them to the gingham and then I added the little wiggly stripes.  It was fun and I like it.  The gingham is not meant to be part of it but who knows?

I've also been working on this quilt, which is made from two sets of Hoffman Bali Pops; one set is Cherry and the other is Plum Pudding.   Bali Pops are sets of 2.5 inch strips.  It's a bed quilt so I worked on the layout on the bed.  I wasn't liking it.  It seemed a little harsh.  I couldn't seem to fix it to my satisfaction.

 Today I went ahead and sewed the vertical and horizontal parts into "blocks" and laid them out more carefully on the bed.  It's amazing how much better it looks just being straight and organized!

By the way, this is the woven strips design I blogged about a bit ago.  I did use the block design but the colors do not repeat in this one like they do in the original plan.  As I said then, the plan was likely to change some, and it did!

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