Friday, January 23, 2015

On my design wall today

I use my design wall to experiment and play.  Recently I am working on methods to get narrow lines in quilts.  I've tried piecing, fusing, zig zagging.  The method impacts the durablility.  How much use will it get?  Is it a wall quilt?    

The lime green back ground piece on the right is something I hand dyed and then fused on some colored shapes.  It's not done.  It was inspired by Melody Johnson and her stack quilt method.  This gallery has more examples of her stack quilts.  She uses mostly her own hand dyed fabric.

My design wall focus hasn't changed much lately.   I am still fascinated by the skinny lines.  I have made some more skinny line blocks.  I do have a vague plan.  It's vague because I want a usable quilt and the most graceful lines I've made are fused, making it not very durable.

This was my design wall three months ago.


barbara woods said...

i love to just play to

barbara woods said...

reading your 'about' glad you didn't die or maybe i am talking to a ghost