Monday, February 16, 2015

Is it done yet?

I am still loving this fun piece I've been making.  It's all about the interplay of colors, how they affect each other and how I like it.  I am happiest when I don't try to figure it all out ahead of time.  I like putting pieces together and adding bits.  Since this piece has no function except to look at it, there's no need to make it sturdy or washable.  There's just adding lines and colors as I see fit.

I did extend it a bit, added some stitching and I fused it to batting.  The batting is pinned to a piece of foam core stuff (they sell it as insulation at Home Depot).  I like it on the off white background of the batting but can I accept batting showing?  And do I want to mount it on the foam core?  Most importantly, it makes me want to make another one.

Here it is, propped up against my design wall.  The fabrics include hand dyed pieces from Vicki Welsh, Laura Wasilowski, Frieda Anderson and me along with some commercial pieces from Island Batik.  The pieces from Frieda are silk and they shimmer but that is not so obvious in my photos.

And here is a detail that shows some of the stitching.

I hung it in the bathroom for now.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Well it is pretty just the way it is but only you can decide if it is done. You will have some more Melody, Laura, and Vicki Welsh scraps in the mail tomorrow.