Friday, March 6, 2015

Wonky log cabin

I ran across this wonky log cabin idea from Karen Eckmeier. I think I first saw it here.  but she has her own site and even books on the technique.  It's not new but it is new to me.  What fun!

I constructed mine a little differently.  I cut out a piece of batting about the block size I wanted and built my bock on top of it.  I used a zag zag stitch (with variegated thread) to stitch the blocks together and quilt them through the batting at the same time.  Then I did some simple hand quilting with perle cotton following the edges.  It's amazing how that little bit of hand quilting changes the look of the blocks.   Most important to me is that I enjoyed the process as well as the result.

My first and second blocks with zig zag stitching

Some hand quilting added to the red one.

Here is the purple and green one before hand quilting

And after hand quilting

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