Monday, March 16, 2015

The calm after the storm

We had quite a storm these past two days with about 2.5 inches of rain.  Yesterday we had a major windstorm, much stronger than predicted.  The peak winds were about 60 miles per hour.  The wind blew plants and furniture off the porch.

We lost power at 1:30 pm and didn't get it back until midnight; that is the longest power outage we have experienced in our 20 years in Portland.  In fact we rarely lose power for more than a few minutes and even that is rare.

In today's sunny calm it was hard to believe yesterday's weather was so violent.  These photos are from our walk to the bank.

Part of a a handmade gate with a nice garden space beyond.

A house I liked

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Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

That power outage was a real drag. I mostly ended up catching up on sleep as I found there was very little I wanted to do that didn't involve electricity. :D