Friday, March 13, 2015

Waterfront Park cherry trees

Yesterday we  walked to see the waterfront cherry trees blooming.  We went last year as well; since we are having an earlier spring this year, they are earlier this year.  We park on "our side" of the river near the Lucky Lab Pub and walk across the Hawthorne bridge.

It was such a beautiful day and the sky had great looking clouds.  We get those clouds in the spring and I always look forward to them.  Here we are on the approach to the bridge.

Views into the Eastside industrial district from the bridge approach.  I love the old buildings and the diversity of businesses in the district, but like much else in Portland, it is under attack from developers building ugly condos.

We had lots of company on the bridge.

The Willamette River

We haven't crossed the bridge on foot in several months and I was shocked by the number of homeless camps we saw.

Cherry trees blooming in Waterfront Park

 More homeless camps

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